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25 Years of Partnership: Celebrating Dragonfly Africa with The DMC Group

As we mark a milestone that spans a quarter-century, we take a moment to celebrate more than just time. Over 25 years, The DMC Group has proudly collaborated with our DMC Partner, Dragonfly Africa, together reshaping travel and crafting unforgettable memories in Southern and East Africa.

Discovering the Essence: Dragonfly Africa's Unique Touch

In the diverse landscapes of Southern and East Africa, Dragonfly Africa has woven a narrative of travel experiences. From vibrant cities to natural wonders, Dragonfly Africa's artistry lies in capturing the essence of the region, inviting travelers to explore its authentic charm.

Founder Rupert Jeffries' leadership has been a driving force behind this journey. With a history spanning over four decades, Dragonfly Africa's commitment to excellence has evolved. The strategic acquisition of Green Route in 2010 further solidified its position in the travel and destination management realm.

As we celebrate 25 years together, we not only honor the past but also look forward to new chapters. Guided by Dragonfly Africa's dedication to innovation, exceptional service, and the transformative power of travel, we eagerly anticipate the exciting ventures that lie ahead. Here's to a partnership that's fueled by curiosity and shared exploration, and to the bright future that Dragonfly Africa continues to shape within the travel industry.


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